Maxel Partners is an on-demand team of professionals that specialize in Inbound Marketing, Business Development, and general growth strategies for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Today, your potential customers want to engage with businesses on their own terms. Our customizable inbound marketing program gives you the tools you need to generate awareness and reach new customers. We help businesses grow by using the latest, proven communication technologies – Email marketing, social media outreach, content creation, CRM management, and more.


We help businesses grow by presenting ideas. Ideas that help our clients see their businesses from a new perspective – and discover unseen opportunities. We help companies develop an optimal marketing strategy and define core objectives for both sales and marketing – the two key pillars to growing a business. We’ve worked with organizations that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales; and we’ve worked with startups that haven’t yet generated their first dollar of revenue. We can develop a program that’s a perfect fit for your business.


As the third-largest US city, Chicago is an important market. If your company or product needs representation in Chicago – or the Midwest – we can help. Technology is great, but the old adage still holds true: Nothing beats face-to-face interaction. The human touch. We can provide a professional, polished presence for your organization and help you make stronger connections with your customers.


Need help with something that’s not listed here? Sometimes what’s needed is an extra pair of hands or a fresh perspective to tackle a project or complete a long-term goal that’s vital for continued growth of your business. Get in touch, and let’s talk about how we can help.


Over the past 10+ years, we have been fortunate to work with many great companies; among them: